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We aim to produce and sell. CNC CNC machines and standard CNC CNC equipment And the best price We have grown continuously. Taking care of quality and price and delivering to customers, our team has graduated from America, Japan and China. Therefore, we understand the technology all over the world. In response to the current fierce competition We intend to sell effective products for our customers to trust us for a long time.

Shipping & Returns

All prices listed are in USD and do not include shipping or handling fees. Shipping and handling are calculated according to distance and weight.

Ordering information for customers

– Pay all costs via PayPal, including informing methods. delivery
– notify payment to
– The company will prepare the products about 5 days before delivery. (Depending on the product)
– The company will notify the customer with the Tracking number (in case the product has been delivered)
– Taxes and charges will be automatically calculated after ordering

* Note: Contact us before making payment at

Paypal info

Order from shopping cart All that has to be confirmed is the correct total amount before sending the product. If the balance is incorrect The customer will receive a full refund and submit a new order for the correct amount.
Most items have shipping fees clearly stated.
PayPal = (If unable to use the shopping cart)


We believe that true quality comes from real people. Our engineers are graduated from the University of California, USA with an honors degree since 1997. Many have studied and worked in Japan in robotics and quality control. And we train our engineers and staff on a daily basis to meet the needs of customers and the quality they deserve.

Who can buy it somewhere?
We sell to individuals, companies, and the government. We encourage you to use our excellent machinery directly from our factory prices and services.

The company reserves the right. In changing conditions There is no need for prior report